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Portland Press Herald. October 19, 2017. LePage Invites Bio-Based Businesses to Call Maine Home

WAGMTV. October 18, 2017. ReEnergy Celebrates National Bioenergy Day in Fort Fairfield, Announces Request for Proposals

Mainebiz. October 19, 2017. ReEnergy Issues RFP with Enticement of Cheaper Electricity Rates

Biofuels Digest September 11, 2017. Bounding Maine: Top 10 companies targeting Maine’s forest resource for higher-value apps

Bangor Daily News. May 3, 2017. Biorefinery Firm Eyes Plant in the New Industrial Complex at Former Old Town Mill

Mainebiz. May 3, 2017. Maine Senate Greenlights Bioplastics Jobs Bill.

Biobased World News. May 12, 2017. Five Minutes with Charlotte Mace, Executive Director of Biobased Maine

Mainebiz. April 24, 2017. Sappi and Biobased Maine put out Joint RFP for Westbrook Mill.

Bangor Daily News. April 3, 2017. As Paper Mills Die, Here’s How Maine Loggers Hope to Survive

Portland Press Herald. October 20, 2016. Maine Wood Innovators Gathering to Explore Next-Gen Products.

Mainebiz. October 3, 2016. Charlotte Mace is Driven to Cement Maine’s Place in a Biobased Future.

Mainebiz. July 11, 2016. Global Demand Spurs Growth in New Forest Product Sectors.


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Making Sustainable Products to Diversify Our Forest Industry and Create Good Manufacturing Jobs in Rural Maine. Presented by Charlotte Mace to the Grow Smart Maine/E2Tech’s The New Forest Economy Forum. March 24, 2017.


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