A Roadmap to Maine's Future

A second golden age for Maine’s forest economy awaits the right market and the right investors.
But how do we get there?

Verso mill

Biobased Maine is taking the lead in producing a roadmap—an investment prospectus for biobased investors. Scheduled for release in 2018, it will make a strong business case for Maine as an ideal location for biobased manufacturing.

The roadmap will include data and guidance, including:

  • A look at the rising global market for biobased materials and products, including biofuels, biochemical, bioplastics, and nanocellulose.
  • A biomass cost study that characterizes the wood in Maine that lacks markets and could be used as feedstock for biobased manufacturing.
  • A global industrial sugar cost study that compares the available technologies for converting wood into valuable industrial sugars and quantifies the cost of these processes
  • An inventory of industrial infrastructure for co-location that offers combined heat and power, wastewater treatment, and existing permits; that might be suitable for biobased manufacturing.
  • A transportation study assessing the state's transportation infrastructure, including options by rail and sea. Maine’s unique deepwater ports, for example, provide ready access to global markets.
  • A workforce study assessing the state's solid, experienced workforce, with a strong history in manufacturing.
  • Presentation and analysis of Maine’s cost concerns and challenges.
  • Strategic recommendations in the areas of infrastructure and workforce, landownership, technology, and sustainability.