Celebrating CEI’s 40th Anniversary

We highlighted Maine’s unique assets and described the growing biobased industry to business owners, entrepreneurs, and others who visited our booth at CEI’s 40th anniversary celebration.

We were pleased to exhibit at the 40th anniversary celebration of Biobased Maine member Coastal Enterprises, Inc. (CEI) late last month. CEI’s event showcased 50+ current and former portfolio businesses and key partners from industries important to Maine’s economy including food and beverage, manufacturing, services, renewable energy, nature-based tourism, and sustainable development.

The event was well-attended, and we were able to highlight Maine’s unique assets and the growing biobased industry to a wide variety of attendees: business owners, entrepreneurs, investors, lawyers, politicians, and more.

We also featured samples of Biobased Maine members’ products, such as Grow-Tech’s BioStrate® and GlobEcoMaine’s Durafresh™ cloths, which proved very popular. Visitors were also fascinated by our sample of wood nanocellulose from the University of Maine’s Nanocellulose Pilot Plant to demonstrate the amazing potential of wood as a super-strong and lightweight material.

We got excellent feedback and generated lots of interest in the biobased industry’s potential to grow in Maine, and were grateful for the chance to exhibit. We also left inspired by all the innovative businesses and ventures that CEI invests in here in Maine, and made great contacts among our fellow exhibitors at the event.

Congrats to CEI on such a successful event—we’re looking forward to the next one!